Working on the New Website

Thanks to the amazing guys at Awesome Horse Studios I have been inspired to rework my website redfoxpottery.com and they gave me plenty of advice along the way of how to fix it.

Top of the image how the website was till recently.  Lower Part how it was last week

It started last summer when Noah Bradley made a post on his own website "I Hate Your Portfolio" it is a very good read and I recommend it.  It took a while to get together with my friend that actually does web programming, though once I did we got the bare bones done in a day and then it got left not even uploaded till March.

Then Saturday evening two weeks ago Marc Scheff was giving a lecture on improving your portfolio, a few days later I emailed him for advice and he game me some pointers, removing all the waffling text from the front page and just leaving a three beat description.  He also advised me to  create sections for "workshops" and "private instruction".

I didn't really understand html and css when I started moving things around on this website, but know I feel a lot more confident about altering things myself.

Top How the Gallery was last week, Lower how it is now, much tidier using all images the same size.
My images are only temporary whilst I work on the new range and the updated Sea and Sand range.  Feel free to look at the website, there will continue to be updates on the website with little changes to sections of text.

Thanks to Noah, Marc and Jordan for making the whole redesign possible.

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