New shelves and Workbench.

Earlier in the week I made myself some shelves and a workbench.  I have been working the last few days to try and get some pots on the shelves, for my exhibition at Fleetwood Library next month.  Today I made 3 slab boxes and a single tray, I have 11 pin bowls that have been slipped and need sgraffito decorated, I have to fill a couple of cabinets so need to keep making.
The shelves are removable and I can put one above my wheel while I work

The workbench, made from the scrap wood and leftover pieces from the Shelves
The workbench stands at 40 inches tall and fits down the side of the shelves when I don't need it. 


  1. I think Winchcombe pottery are looking for a new member of staff...

  2. Nice I could do with some new shelves, storage is starting to become a bit of a problem!

    1. They aren't that hard to build, they would work better if the bench weren't right though. I'm putting some shelves up on the walls and one of them will be used to store the shelves that aren't being used.

      The most expensive part about the shelving was the plywood especially as I wanted the thickness, and the surface. OSB just wouldn't cut it.