A brief intermission

I have a more definite idea of what I want to do for the surface pattern, I just need to get some sketches done and worked through.

Last week I taught a clay workshop with the help of Michelle, she did the monsters while I did the throwing, it felt good after the break to get my hands back in the mud.  So now I have some monsters and some bowls drying in my kitchen, they should be done in plenty of time to return them.

I have lots to keep my fingers crossed with this week.  Also trying to set up a temporary space to work from, and looking at selling my unused kiln, the Nabertherm is all I need at the moment and I have plenty of kiln space that I can borrow locally.

2nd piece of ceramics I ever made with various reduced Stoneware Glazes
I have been tidying the house over the weekend and pulled everything out from under the stairs, and I found this piece of ceramics hiding, this is the second piece of work that I ever made, we have to construct over several weeks various geometric forms, lean to keep our work damp and sealed against drying then once we had made all the forms join them together.  All my forms here are hollow  and either made from slabs, extrusions or pinch pots joined together.  When I think about these now a days I wonder if I could make them on a much grander scale.