Sneak Preview - Earthenware Pottery

Took a few pictures as I unloaded the kiln, and I refilled it too, only trouble is I forgot to put one last mug in, so it will have to be bisque fired with the stoneware pots I have waiting to be fired. I have decided I want to up my game when it comes to my photography after reading quite a few articles and looking back at my photographs, it can only be for the better.

Contents of the kiln after the earthenware glaze firing
I have a busy few days so I won't be taking photographs of individual pots for a few days, are there any in particular people would like to see?


Sgraffito or Carving, I can't decide

I have been making some Terracotta pots over the last week, so I have been working with carving and sgraffito tools.  I find that the pots spend a tremendous amount of time under plastic waiting for me and for them to be at the "right stage" time and patience is required.  I really am learning that even waiting takes time.

Here are some of the pieces in progress for my up coming exhibition.  All based on drawings I have done around the town.

Fleetwood Bowls

Fleetwood Boxes

Fleetwood pin dishes

The Carving tool and some of the pin dishes.


New shelves and Workbench.

Earlier in the week I made myself some shelves and a workbench.  I have been working the last few days to try and get some pots on the shelves, for my exhibition at Fleetwood Library next month.  Today I made 3 slab boxes and a single tray, I have 11 pin bowls that have been slipped and need sgraffito decorated, I have to fill a couple of cabinets so need to keep making.
The shelves are removable and I can put one above my wheel while I work

The workbench, made from the scrap wood and leftover pieces from the Shelves
The workbench stands at 40 inches tall and fits down the side of the shelves when I don't need it.