Teaching and the Realities of Life

In the last three months since I last posted things have been busy, but not a pot to show for it.  Not entirely true, yesterday I took the apprentice for a ride out and treated myself to a wonderful Tenmoku mug/tankard by James Hake.  He have me very good advice over the last few years, not that I always listened.  Yet to christen the mug I have plans to this evening once the older one is settled for the night.

The last few months I haven't been down to the studio as I am now doing my PGCE, I am training at one local college and teaching at the other.  There is plenty of course work and more academic reading than I have ever done as a necessity on any other course I have studied.  In teaching there are lots of theories that I either don't agree with or don't find any use with the field of Art and Design.

It is all very different to my experience as a learner so I am still trying to find my feet in the world of  "Fine Art".  My education was always very hands on, always learning something new, preparing you for the next stage, the next step, but they seem very settled in their routines.  I have a kiln and a couple bags of clay at my placement, just not much messy space.

When I get back to my wheel I am going to throw what I want to throw and not think about what will sell, I'm sure that may come in again at some point in my far future if I ever decide to become a full time potter.  For now there is so much I have to do and not enough time for that, that the things I want to do will take a back burner.

Right now I'm not entirely certain what my future will bring but right now I prefer it that way.